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Prakriti test identifies you as a KAPHA-PITTA Prakriti.

Since you display qualities of two doshas Pitta and Kapha, Prakriti test identifies you as KAPHA – PITTA Prakriti. This means that in your Prakriti no dosha is predominant and yours is a two-dosha type Prakriti. Most people are two-dosha types. Of your doshic balance, your physical traits have Kapha domination and the mental traits are being controlled by Pitta.

The following are the characteristics of Kapha Pitta Prakriti:

You will have a musculature with a higher ratio of fat. As a result you tend to look rounder in face and body. Even though you have good stamina and steady energy, you tend to move slower and more relaxed. You will have fairly good health, but your body is prone to auto-immune problems. Your skin is prone to allergic reactions characterized by itching and rashes. There are chances that you develop metabolic disorders like obesity.

There may be a discrepancy between your mind and the body, which restricts your potential.

You will be very quiet and slow in developing relations. You may be often reluctant in initiating new relations. But once you develop a relationship, you will not have any problem in sustaining it. You have the qualities of a good leader but you may not like to assume the responsibilities of leadership.

You will have a sound and lengthy sleep but it will always be good if you are able to wake up early in the morning. You can do well in professions which involve traveling and which pose challenges. You can work well in an environment which is warm, but not irritating. The best-suited career options for you include defense & aviation, sales management and business development, shop floor assignments, foundry or engineering works, travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Lifestyle recommendations for people with Kapha-Pitta Prakriti:

Avoid fatty food and non-vegetarian diets as much as possible.
Prefer dried foods with a dash of spices.
Fasting at regular intervals is good for your body.

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