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Prakriti test identifies you as a VATTA-PITTA Prakriti

Since you display qualities of two doshas Vata and Pitta, Prakriti test identifies you as VATA-PITTA Prakriti. This means that in your Prakriti no Dosha is dominant and yours is a two-Dosha type Prakriti. Most people are two-Dosha types.

The following are the characteristics of Vata-Pitta Prakriti:

Of your Vata-Pitta Prakriti, Vata is predominant on your physical traits and Pitta controls your mental traits.
This means that you will be thin in build, quick-moving, friendly, and talkative and tend to be more enterprising and sharper of intellect.
You can perform best in work with intelligence but less of hard work like Philosophy, Research & Development, Law, Architecture, Sculpture, Designing etc.
You may suffer from early fatigue, hypertension & recurrent skin infection, migraine, etc.
The qualities of Vata are dry, cool, mobile, light, subtle and rough whereas the qualities of Pitta are hot, sharp, acidic, intense and oily.
Although you should not completely avoid foods with similar qualities, make sure you do not consume such foods in large quantities.

What you should avoid:

Avoid extreme cold and extreme hot items.
Avoid also fasting & overeating.
Avoid exposing to cold climate and sunny days.
Avoid frozen, deep fried, greasy, very spicy, salty, acidic and fast foods.
Avoid stimulating beverages at night.

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