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Prakriti analysis identifies you as VATA Prakriti.

Since you display qualities of Vata dosha alone, Prakriti test identifies you as Vata Prakriti.

The following are the characteristics of Vata Prakriti:

Vata is predominant on both your physical and mental traits. This means that you will be thin in build, quick moving and talkative; your skin and hair will be dry and also you cannot withstand much cold compared to other Prakriti persons. You will have less strength and memory and ageing would be little faster in you. You are more prone for getting joint diseases like arthritis etc.

What you should avoid:

Avoid extreme cold items, cold climate etc.
Avoid fasting and overeating and also avoid a diet containing completely dry foods.

What you should do:

Always eat fresh, warm food.
You can include milk, butter, ghee, sweet etc. in your diet.
Oiling before bath is good for you.
For exercise choose lighter games.

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